Ordering via Purchase Orders or Check

Quotes and Pricing

Use the form and information on our main sales page to get the pricing for the products you require.

Our Address

ATTN: Sales
PassMark Software Pty Ltd
Suite 10, Level 1
38 Waterloo St.

Surry Hills, 2010
Sydney, Australia

Sending us the purchase order

E-Mail: Click to send mail (JavaScript required)

Phone: + 61 2 9690 0444
(Note: Given the typical zone time difference with the USA, we prefer E-Mail contact)

Your payment

Normally we will invoice with Net 15 day payment terms.
Payment can be made via check or direct transfer to our bank account.

Supply of product

We would normally supply the product(s) ordered on the same day as we recieve payment. However our bank can take some time to notify us of a payment being received. You can speed up the process by letting us know when a payment was sent.

All of our software is currently supplied via electronic download, so no shipping is required.

Our bank account details / sending us a check.

Our bank details will appear on our invoice, but if you wish to directly make a deposit without the formality of a PO then mail Click to send mail (JavaScript required) for our bank details, or just post us a check to the address above. (Make sure you include your contact details, E-Mail address and products required, with the check). Checks should be made out to PassMark Software.
Australian, US Dollars or Euro are prefered.