Security Guide - Windows User Groups Part 2

The second part of the guide contains these sections;

Setting Additional Permissions

Now access for the TestLog Users group can be restricted to certain parts of the database. If you only want the users to be able to make changes to a project, it's reports and test cases, select the Projects root directory and edit the security permissions to allow full control (see fig 7). If you only wanted users to be able to make changes to the project test cases then navigate to the project test cases directory for the project and set the permissions for that folder instead of the root projects directory.

Permissions could be set on a project by project basis as well by creating a Windows user group for each project. If a user needs access to several projects then they can be placed in each group.

Fig 7. Setting TestLog User group permissions

How it works with TestLog

If the users have been granted read access then they will be able to view any of the files in the usual manner. If they have been denied write access then if they try to edit an existing file or create a new file a warning will displayed (see fig 8).

Fig 8. TestLog access denied

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